Supply Chain Management

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Ensuring a Quality Standard at all Levels

Under the Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM) you must be able to demonstrate that your sub contractors and contractors are competent. You must also ensure that if you are accredited with a national PQQ such as CHAS, SMAS, Construction Line or any other SSiP scheme accreditation then your contractors and sub contractors should also have the same accreditations. If not, you’re using contractors and subcontractors that are not at the standard that you identified yourself as at the tender stage. This can lead to the job being stopped or even a delay in payment until such a time as your contractors and subcontractors achieve the identified accreditations.

Staffordshire  Safety Solutions can manage this process for you, free of charge.

We will contact your supply chain on your behalf and request they complete your contractors PQQ in order for them to be included on your “Approved Contractors List”. For more information please give us a call.